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We are now in a time where we can heal all of those prehistoric, human-made beliefs about romance not being an inside job. All of those beliefs can be resolved, healed, and alchemized now. They have served their purpose. We have evolved, and will continue to evolve exponentially over the coming days, weeks, months, and years. We have outgrown the primal parts of us that prefer to remain in the illusions of separation and fear. So, over the coming days, weeks, and months ahead, we will be given the opportunity to shed many of the outdated belief patterns we once allowed to hold us back from being our most authentic, soul-satisfied selves.

Let this be the season of you choosing to make yourself the top priority in your life.

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Let this be the season you commit to loving and honoring yourself from now on, the way you have always desired a partner to do for you. Allow the supportive healing energies coming in at this time from the celestial heavens and skies to lift you up, so that you raise up in love every aspect of your emotional, mental, physical, and etheric bodies. You deserve this. They are beyond ready, and able to support you.

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So how do we romance ourselves? A loving relationship with ourselves requires three simple things:.

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When this happens, thank the mind for resorting to old coping patterns to keep itself safe, and imagine your body being represented by your 3-year-old self. Complete Commitment to Ourselves — This means we are choosing to make ourselves a top priority in our lives. Reflect on some of the things you loved doing as a child. Did you like to sing, paint, draw, dance, spend time in nature, play sports, build things? Anything we love doing is a golden nugget that helps lead us back to our true self. Give yourself permission to integrate these blessings back into your life now.

When we are in survival, we are not ourselves. We become a shell of ourselves, living outside our bodies and the present moment. This shell either lives in fear of the future, or dwells persistently on the past. It is never able to fully receive or be in the present moment.

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Joy itself is the ability to fully receive and be in the present. Romancing ourselves includes giving ourselves full permission to align with the present, so that we too can connect with the inner joy and peace that has always been available to us. As we develop a romantic love relationship with ourselves, something quite spectacular happens: The world around us begins to change, heal, and reflect the ways we are showing up for ourselves. That includes aligning with a partner who loves us as fully as we have chosen to love ourselves.

It includes aligning with a career path that liberates us, and allows us to express to the world the truest aspects of ourselves. It also includes attracting to us daily blessings and miracles that affirm our feelings of connection to all of life itself. And as enough of us move in this direction, our planet and the world will also heal, and reflect a new consciousness for humanity—one that operates within the freeing parameters of love.

A Season for Romance

Now is the time for us to move in that direction. This is what the Universe desires most for us—to remember who we are, and to spend the rest of our lives honoring, loving, and acknowledging the magnificence of who we are. Onward and Upward. As with any romance, things can take a bit of time to blossom.

Being gentle, patient, and kind with our mind as it learns how to open itself up to receiving love from us will be quite helpful. In the early stages of a romance, things often come to the surface, such as our old insecurities, self-doubts, and judgments. These are just self-protection mechanisms. With this awareness, we no longer find ourselves shying away from the emotions and thoughts coming forward, but rather embrace and honor them as part of the healing process.

So much was shared in this forecast. May this September bring you home to yourself, and allow your heart, mind, and Spirit to feel loved unconditionally, always. Until next time,. But, I feel like throughout the season, Will has gets more mature.

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Season two ended with Eleven using her superpowers to force the spider-like evil entity called the Mind Flayer out of Hawkins and back into the Upside Down by closing the portal to the eerie alternate universe. This year, danger once again looms with the monster still lingering inside Will Byers. It gets hold of Billy Dacre Montgomery , who is the new host now.

Montgomery is front and center this season. In season two, he bullied his stepsister Max and her friends; now the Australian actor is playing a supernatural villain from the Upside Down. My part this season is an emotional roller coaster. Matarazzo stressed that the series delivers lots of humor to lighten its frightening moments. Every character does something funny or has a funny joke.

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