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More information can be found in this previous article. This little known park is home to a lot of exotic birds.

Where to Go to See Animals in Charlotte

You'll find the largest collection of waterfowl species in the world — right here in North Carolina. You want to pet a Flamingo, right? Who doesn't? More information is available in this previous article.

It may come as a total surprise that we have an entire sanctuary devoted to Lemurs right here in North Carolina. Be careful, these lovable little primates will steal your heart.

11 Once-In-A-Lifetime Animal Encounters You Can Have Right Here In North Carolina

Get the details on Duke's Lemur Center in this previous article. Not many people know that 45 minutes outside of Charlotte there's an endangered wildlife preserve dedicated to the biggest cats in the world. Get the scoop in this previous article. The world's only estuarium focuses on salt and freshwater species.

Here, you'll encounter everything from baby alligators to snakes and stingrays. Find out more in this previous article. See the entire life cycle of the Monarch butterfly at this unique North Carolina farm that raises them - and then sets them free to migrate south with the other millions of Monarchs that head to Mexico each year.

Get more information in this previous article. Come learn about kinkajous, amazing arboreal animals that look like primates, but are actually related to raccoons. The adult-only Twilight Tours thrill the over crowd, while the Tiger Tales Tour is perfect for the younger set.

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All rights reserved. A Western Wake Lifestyle. Animal Adventures Around Our State Play like a kid again and make time to enjoy special events and happenings. By Cheryl Capaldo Traylor Want to take a walk on the wild side this summer? Conservators Center. First Name. Last Name. Email Address.

This attraction features animals

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