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That does a disservice to history, rendering in hagiographic terms a man whose . African American Communists in the USSR who challenged the party line .. on the Moscow-supported “liberation” movements arising in Asia and Africa. .. and offers a variety of theories to explain his emotional decline.

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Accessed 24 June Zijlmans R Troebele betrekkingen. To win it requires all the support and cunning a Dutch wo man can muster. It is valid in the case of an inconsiderate neighbour. If you do not agree with this reply you can appeal. Depending on the circumstances, your letter can be sent to the office in question, or to the mayor or the Queen.

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Although the Dutch will scrimp and save every last cent, morsel of food or scrap of clothing whenever possible, they do like to give, but only to what they consider to be a worthwhile cause. This is usually through an organized foundation stichting with tax-free status. This cause will warrant demonstrations, riots and, most important of all, collections.

When The Dutch Ruled The World: Rise and Fall of the Dutch East India Company

Donations will inevitably be void of taxation. The logic behind the attitude is described in promotional material from an Gtrecht aktie group: Actions, in which and through which, people are offered the opportunity to take action themselves. Any legal resident of Holland may hold a demonstration. It is a democratic right. Whether it is supported by five or 50,, it is allowed to take place. Demonstrations must be well organized and co-ordinated with the local authorities.

Every town or city has its own rules for this activity. When all is agreed, you will receive your demonstration permit and the necessary preparations can be made for the day.

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During the demonstration, you will naturally notice increased police presence. Do not be dismayed. They are individuals first and policemen second. Some will even gladly display your campaign button on their uniform. If so requested, police car s will follow your demonstration along its defined route to ensure your cause is heard and not disrupted.

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Non-approved demonstrations are not permitted, but are often allowed if they are orderly and do not disturb traffic— and depending on the appearance of the protesters and the general acceptance of the goal. Police support during the proceedings is limited. It must be emphasized that many of the causes have the good of the nation, minorities, the oppressed or all of wo mankind in mind. Whatever the subject matter, they are an ongoing example of democracy in progress. What appears to be a Dutch addiction to this process strikes visitors to the country as rather curious.

Perhaps these passionate demonstrations and debates account in part for the relatively low level of violence in an increasingly violent era. Demonstrating and protesting first became popular and fashionable following World War II. As one overseas correspondent writes, This type of thing is not dignified and not in line with the traditional sobriety of the Dutch. It is more a recent phenomenon which may well disappear as time goes by. I personally hope so, as I would hate this trend to become a Dutch characteristic.

Long-suffering parents were anxious for their post-pubic offspring to vacate the nest while the enfants terribles themselves could not wait to feather their own nests. But there are few empty homes. A typically Dutch answer to this situation was to form pressure groups known to the outside world as krakers.

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The kraker-cause came to a head during violent riots in Amsterdam. The police were forced to call in the army which brought in a tank to move the crowd. The confrontation ended only when the city agreed to renovate the occupied building for the squatters. The cause in question was a series of governmental proposals on reforming political asylum and its abuse. And no wonder.

Vrouwen have their own cafes, books, magazines, newspapers, theatres, travel agencies, unions and, of course, their own therapy centres. Through these media, Vrouwen can, and do, form many pressure groups which effect radical changes to society and its laws, on such subjects as birth control, abortion, divorce, homosexuality and equality-through-dominance. Vrouwen-causes are a classic and typical obsession with which the modern Dutch identify.

Any variety can trigger a chain reaction with the hope of achieving the ultimate goal of a Europe-wide demonstration against things that ordinary people would class as petty fads. We demand the right to live according to the custom of this country and not to be seen as half of a couple but as an individual person and be treated as such. Despite suffragette-like campaigns, the greater cause of Dutch Vrouwen-freedom can only succeed if blessed with governmental cash.

Ironically, in their struggle for equality and dominance, many Dutch women emulate and incorporate the very masculine characteristics which they claim they despise. These characteristics have been vrouwaned upon by concerned males for over three centuries In their families they are all equals and you have noway to knowthe master and mistress but by taking them in bed together! Most of the women there Holland have no taste, are most unfeminine, and walk like farmers! And a last example, in which the center did not play a role: Amsterdam house wives became alot more critical on the quality of the vegetables on market places having noticed how the Surinam, Turkishand Moroccan migrants make their choise.

The daily supply of previously unknown vegetables proves the influence of the new cuisines on Dutch cooking. Answers on a postcard, please, to Military Service Until , Dutch military service was compulsory and limited to just over a one-year period for young males. Now it is strictly a volunteer affair. To some its hardship equals that of a stay in a holiday camp. Even the officers have a union contract. Back in the not-so-distant days of conscription, the alternative to military service was to become a conscientious objector, officially recognized and categorized. Even after sentencing, a weigeraar could conscientiously object—and still have a chance of beating the system. Women were and still are accepted in the service on a volunteer basis only, and in this capacity were often ridiculed by the general public. Presumably, some were protesting for the right of compulsory service, or refusal; basically The subject of effectiveness of the Dutch armed services as a deterrent to potential enemies is an interesting one.