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That does a disservice to history, rendering in hagiographic terms a man whose . African American Communists in the USSR who challenged the party line .. on the Moscow-supported “liberation” movements arising in Asia and Africa. .. and offers a variety of theories to explain his emotional decline.

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Fall of the Moon Instrumental A Song on My Mind Remember Her Eyes The Poem of the Land Waltz for Rita's Winter Instrumental Palestinian Mawwal The Most Beautiful Love In Damascus There is perhaps no parallel in our modern times to the artistic bond between Marcel Khalife and Mahmoud Darwish.

It is rare that a celebrated musician is the twin manifestation of a great contemporary poet.

The Moon, the Earth, and gravity

Khalife's deep reading of Darwish's poetry lasted over the four decades of the poet's life. If an author's dream is to have one true reader, Darwish found a special one in Marcel.

Marcel heard the modern Arabic poem as sung speech in a manner that illuminated the contemporary Arabic song's ability to embrace rhythm and phrase within new horizons. His music and song are "bread for speech," as Darwish called them, that evaporate the mirage which often exists between modern poem and song, in an age where the poem is wary of public consumption. Darwish and Marcel shared an exalted belief that, while it can, art does not dance alone.

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Two fiercely independent artists: Marcel never asked Darwish permission to compose his poems to music, and Darwish never asked Marcel to put his poems into song, nor wrote any of them with that in mind. And just as Darwish's poem never ceased developing over the decades, Marcel Khalife's music kept on transforming: from the intensely lyrical and committed to the conversational and introspective; from the traditional and classical Arabic song, from the untranslatable and deeply palpable "Tarab," to the innovative open music of the jazzy and the cinematic.

Why Doesn't the Moon Crash Into the Earth?

The lyrics included here span nearly all forty years of Darwish's poetry. These words give a graphic description of the collapse of Egypt before a greater power. They were not fulfilled literally, but prophetically they have been fulfilled. Other prophets used the same kind of language to describe the collapse of a nation.

Fall Of The Moon

The heavenly bodies were used as symbols of human governments, so the fall of a human government was described as the sun and moon falling from the sky. The disciples were familiar with the Old Testament, so they would have understood Jesus' meaning.

The destruction of Jerusalem would not just be a temporary setback for Israel, it would actually cease to exist as a nation. This is what happened.

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After AD 70, the Jews continued as a people, but they ceased to be a nation with their own government and their own land. They lost their political independence. For many Jews, this suggestion would be impossible to accept. It wouldn't be particularly extravagant to surmise that the 'Moon' of the title suggests the Crescent Moon of Islam , thereby narrowing down the candidates for 'Fall Dog' fairly decisively.

Pegg concludes writing that the song cocks a "contemptuous snook at the increasing predilection of political parties to find 'someone to hate' while jumping into bed with business corporations" and that dialogue with other Bowie's songs like " Fantastic Voyage ", " Loving the Alien " and " I'm Afraid of Americans ".

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