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Only registered users or subscribers can comment on this article. Sign in Register. Subscribe to Screen International Screen International is the essential resource for the international film industry. Find out more. Between the two of them they had clear advantages, House Lash was an experienced House had a stronger army, experienced generals, and were based in multiple areas. The Verdants had better connections, were richer, and were favored by the king because of there generous offer that helped with the debt. One of the quickest allies of the Lashes was House Redwater. The Redwater's had some issues with the Verdant's rise to power and there motives for wanting Castamere for themselves, as well as a few other issues that caused them to try and curb said power in a war.

Having a strong connection of wealth and power themselves they seemed to be the perfect counter to the Verdants wealth and backed the Lashes with another competent house in war. Though the Redwater's had power it had waned lightly in recent events, they had placed a lot of effort into backing the Sunfyre Rebellion and it had caused no end of controversy on top of that Jory's man attempted to assassinate a rival at a tourney at Oldstones, though Jory faced no prosecution for the act, it cost him his loyal vassal the Greywindes who had broken off from them for the act, after verifying it was there doing.

This also hurt another vassal the Flamehearts, who while they hadn't broken off from them in the process they had stayed out of the initial part of the war when they were usually one of the first to assist them.

Verdant-Lash War

In contrast many started to flock to the Verdants, the stepstone lords and the Northern Brightflame lords especially, though Jory called in his ally in Rheagon to call them off and assure the Stepstones remained neutral Arthur Whent stayed the course, since a neutral stance didnt mean he was betraying his lord by fighting for the enemy, which made the Redwater plant in the Stepstones Hollis Pyne join to help his friend.

Both sides were slowly gaining allies but it seemed the Verdants were gaining more in quanity then there new rivals but how they could beat the Lashes remained a mystery. Artos: Surrender the castle to us, leave the weapons and we will spare every one of you, and we would take you hostages until the war has ended, do this, and no blood would be spilled, refuse, and you and your men will be destroyed defending this castle. Rodrick: There are only two ways you will receive my arms, either them protruding from your hides or if you agree to my terms The first priority for Daemon was Castle Claw, due to its part in the North and something that could allow the Lashes to attack him from a different angle, thankfully while the Lashes had the castle Daemon had Northern houses on his side, lead by Artos Starkwood , him his sons, Shamus Blackwolf and Robb Griften , the three houses converged on Castle Claw looking to take the castle in Daemon's name.

Poor Whites and Slavery in the Antebellum South: An Interview with Historian Keri Leigh Merritt

The castle's garrison was lead by Ser Rodrick Rynd who despite Artos offering his terms refused to surrender the castle without a fight, and a fight he would have. The Northern lords spent the next two days trying to siege the castle, the first day being more cautious day as both mostly relied on there weaponry to do the fighting, though the Lashes took more lives through the day and forced there attackers back, they lost there two catapults and were left defenseless from future attacks. The next day of the siege was a devastating loss of men for the Lash sides, unable to attack very efficiently without there catapults they were bombarded and the castle weakened with a massive loss of life for them while minimal losses were brought on the Northerners.

This convinced Rodrick that something needed to be done so with himself armed he moved to face the leader of the siege Artos in single combat for the safety of his men, if he won they would leave free and able to move about, if they lost they would surrender. Artos accepted and the two dueled intensely where Rodrick proved to be a skilled fighter, but Artos with his years of experience and skill bested him and secured the surrender of the Lash forces and the castle which fell under his jurisdiction.

After that Artos sent word to Daemon Verdant of his success and the man was pleased with the results, knowing he was one more castle away from victory.

The Impending Crisis of the South | Hinton Rowan Helper ()

Jory: While they may love the idea of drawn out extended battles, the fastest way to end this war is by taking the head off the snake, and the head is marshalling there men over in Castamere. Tavion: Then our objective is clear. And together we will put a swift end to this war when we put a sword to Lord Verdant's cowardly neck. Seeing the Verdant's boon as a threat and feeling Tavion was in the right, Jory had no problem backing him in the war which proved a huge problem for Daemon in beating them, while his men might be able to hold them off he knew sieging Castle Lash would be difficult as getting to them in the crownlands would require marching through the Riverlands where they were, something that seemed impossible given the Redwater's power and relative closeness.

Meanwhile Tavion was able to enter the Riverlands unimpeded and get close to his area as none of his allies in the Riverlands could risk leaving there homes to stop him without feeling the wrath of there might or there allies. Though the Greywinde's and Flamehearts were noticeably absent from assisting him directly he still had plenty of men and the Mallery's, with only the Whents to mostly try and impede them Dameon instead had his allies try and meet him by Castamere where he could go over his plans and gain there council.

Though many came up with ideas on how to beat him back or hold them off none of them knew of a way thy could convincibly take Castle Lash without getting rid of the Redwaters, and they had too many holdouts to take that would cost them so much just to get to that point. One thing was certain though, they couldn't let Tavion's forces reach Castamere, the castle was hardly defensible in its current state and if they surrounded it, they wouldnt survive much longer. Daemon knew that Jory would lead his forces, and he suspected from the stories Tavion would be a man of direct action as well, Daemon on the other hand knew he was best suited to roles beyond the first man up the walls like his counterparts were and thus sent his commander Ser Tion Raine to hold off the Campaign heading his way in the Riverlands.

As he predicted Tavion and Jory met and there forces moved onward to Castamere leading there respective forces before they met the Verdant host lead by Tion to start the second battle of the war. The battle was a mundane tactical battle where Tion tested his skills and strategy agaisnt his opponents not willing to fully commit without better evaluation of the enemy, but while his own strategies were sound he couldnt quite punch through the battle tested forces of both houses and there vassals and after repeated failures Tion fell back to reevaluate his stance and come at them from a different angle.

His reports of there battle skills worried Daemon, and he came up with a plan to deal with this, in a less direct way then open battle though for this one he would assist himself and left the castle finally with fresh troops to replenish the losses. Tavion: Ethan, take the rest of our men and hold fast with the Redwaters Im taking the fight right to Daemon himself Ethan: But father, such a charge would be suicide youd never get close to him!

The only battle in the war Daemon fought in was one of the most brutal battles in the war, though admittedly its less a battle and more a brutal ambush, as the Lash campaign neared the Westerlands they stopped for the night not wanting to march in unfamiliar territory at night, this is where Daemon struck with the arrival of the Northern Lords from Castle Claw and having taken out the scouts covering them Daemon sent small parties through the sentries, those that weren't killed anyway, though Robb Griften got close and started to set up the burnings he was caught just as he set the first of the camps alight, many more would follow and in the confusion and fire Artos Starkwood would rush and attack along with the rest of the Northerners and the Jadefyre's that lead this attack on the head camp.

Tavion Lash was starting to stir and fight back while he could and the Redwater forces were quick to attack back even though they were also being attacked by arrow fire from the Verdant's who were positioned around them. During the fighting in the camps Tavion Lash battled it out when they met, Tavion eventually won but was horribly burned in the encounter.

Despite this Tavion ordered his son to stay and command there remaining men while he marched in the direction of the attackers hoping to find the leader and hopefully Daemon Verdant and Ethan despite his protests ultimately obeyed his father. With the Lashes being killed Tavion marched out to turn the tides of the battle and somehow despite having no way of knowing where he was his party of men found Daemon and made a beeline for him, the attack lead to the death of every Lash men under Tavion's current command but Tavion himself made it to Daemon and the two were fighting soon after, where Tavion used the last of his strength to wound Daemon before his wounds slowed him down enough that he was slain ending the Lord of House Lashes life in the ambush but forcing the Verdants to fall back when there lord was badly hurt.

Artos and Shamus were hurt as well and Robb had to flee away from his allies to avoid getting caught when the Red's started to turn the tides but this kept him from regrouping with the rest for the duration of the war. Ethan was distraught when his father's body was discovered but Jory and Robin convinced him he had to push on and convinced he had lost too much to simply mourn he had to keep on going with the campaign.

Ethan: Castle Claw has fallen, The Verdants allies crop up everywhere, our allies falter. We've won every battle we've fought but this forward march cant continue at this rate. Jory: if we win here there wont be another battle, Castamere isn't finished being built Lord Verdant couldnt hope to make a siege work there.

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He has to stop us here or he'll be cornered and if he keeps fighting.. You need to remain firm for your men, there relying on you now more then ever. With the march to Castamere nearly complete the Red's were in the Westerlands and so close to knocking on the injured Lord Verdant's door.

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Daemon had given control back to Tion as far as leading the army while he returned to the castle where he could properly heal. The next battle had to be a victory or Castamere itself would surely fall, every available ally moved in with the last of the Verdant army ready to mount a defense while The Lash forces closed in on them backed and lead by The Redwaters who were eager to end the fight once and for all put a referendum on the growing Verdant power. Tion was more prepared this time and given he had run out of room to stand and fight he was more prepared to hold out for the long haul his available forces were set to whittle down the remaining army and push them out of the area.

Ethan Lash was determined to end the war now while they had the momentum and to make sure his father's sacrifice wasnt wasted. This attitude would cost him in the battle, a plan was laid out and both sides followed there respective plans as much as they could the armies clashing one with the determination to win and the end the war, the other with the desperation to not lose and be forced to retreat again.

Ethan finally lost patience with the stalemate and tried to rush the enemy with his calvary forces only to fall right in Tion's hands when his charge was stopped and his forces smashed by there counter attack with Ethan caught in the fray and at risk of being killed his vassal the Subare's and allies House arachnid both broke there initial plans to try and save him from disaster while maintaining there jobs, they couldnt do both.

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While they were able to secure Ethan's safety there actions gave Ser Terrace who backed the Verdants the opening he needed to push through the front of there offense and the rest of the Verdant line slipped through breaking the front and scattering the army. Jory was able to reorganize slightly but decided that this was a battle they were going to lose and opted to retreat and try again at a later date since he had more men. Though its not hard to imagine that if he knew what was happening during this he likely would have tried to risk securing the victory.