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That does a disservice to history, rendering in hagiographic terms a man whose . African American Communists in the USSR who challenged the party line .. on the Moscow-supported “liberation” movements arising in Asia and Africa. .. and offers a variety of theories to explain his emotional decline.

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I recommend everyone at least checks out the introduction. It's not nearly as alarmist as it appears, it's based on his experiences in Kiev and Mosul. Preparation for mass shootings is a part of corporate American compliance training these days, too. The message is disempowering to the point of despair: an active shooter may enter your place of work! It is your choice whether to run and hide or to stand and fight!

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We as your corporate employers have no opinion about your choice! That last point - not huddling together while being slaughtered by a man with an assault rifle - is the only thing that is tested in the mandatory quiz, year after year. And that is how I know this is a war zone. There is definitely a strange value warping in gun culture.

I once foolishly said in a reddit thread that I would never stand my ground with a firearm in a home invasion if I had the option to flee because there would be only two possible outcomes neither of which I desired: I could get killed or I could become a killer. I was downvoted into oblivion. So there are lots of people who think at least one of those two options are desirable. They are real life Trolly Cart Problem manufacturers tearing up the safe tracks where nobody gets run over. My work a university, not a corporation had an active shooter training day a couple years ago that consisted of instruction in actual hand to hand combat, among other things, as well as a realistic simulation.

It was lead by our campus cops, and I refused to participate and pretty loudly said why. Turning civilians into some kind of paramilitary auxiliary against gun violence is saying loud and clear that we should just accept this and I adamantly do not. I don't need to learn how to disarm a maniac in the same way I need to learn to change my own tire. It teaches people that it's just as normal to get shot at as it is to run over a nail, and I refuse to participate in that normalization. If someone shoots up my office and I die because I refused to learn how to disarm someone in my work clothes, y'all have my permission to politicize it immediately.

I hope someone has the h8chan logs, anyone who encouraged him or egged him along may be open to conspiracy charges posted by mbo at AM on August 4 [ 4 favorites ]. Cincinnati Enquirer: Dayton police say 10 dead, including suspect, and 16 hospitalized after shooting outside bar It's only about an hour drive from Dayton to Cincinnati where Trump spoke Thursday. Another sadly interesting background read on Slate about the history of 8chan and terrorist manifestos. Naive, possibly stupid question: what else does it take at this point to call for shutting down 8chan?

If that was a website where ISIS terrorists regularly post their manifestos and incite each other to "beat the score" it would have already been shut down, without much handwringing about freedom of speech or not.

So if this shooting is indeed being investigated as "domestic terrorism", why not apply the same anti-terrorist measures? Those arguments are not employed against ISIS-inspired terrorism, so why the difference? This stuff is all beyond me now. I'm helpless in even trying to process it. Life is now "Duck and run! Oh, I know statistics. Stats told those people in ElPasoDaytonGilroy etc. Where does ending this start? Today before El Paso shooting Trump RT UK racist and anti-Immigrant bigot Katie Hopkins who wrote in past that migrants heading to Europe were "cockroaches" and instead of sending rescue boats to help them, "I'd use gunships to stop migrants.

I don't buy that argument. Yeah, it's a game of whack-a-mole to a point. But any time that hate groups have to spend scrambling to rebuild infrastructure, find new platforms, and basically start from scratch is time they're not audience-building. Denying them access to inexpensive hosting platforms and forcing them to build from scratch, for example, means more of their resources have to be spent just to keep the lights on and not in furthering their reach. White people. Sure it's a game of whack-a-mole but they are evil little moles posted by mbo at AM on August 4 [ 6 favorites ].

I sat down with Mrs.

Immunity offer from Michael Flynn greeted with skepticism

And then the news of the second shooting came in. I hear you, Ghidorah. I left over 3 years ago and have only been back twice, once for work and once to visit. Then this happens. And again.

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You never hear about how Cassandra had PTSD, but boy howdy, based off of personal experience, I am guessing she had a whole lot of it. I sometimes find the analogy to abusers and abusive relationships to be effective. Right now the violence is only sporadic and escalating, and the gas lighting is intense.

But the stressors on teh abusers are about to increase dramatically. A recession looming on the horizon, and climate doom looming beyond that, and the steady increase in climate refugee migration are all going to increase the social pressure over the next few years. What do abusers do in those circumstances? Because it's sure as shit not "calm down. The rush they get from the sense of power is addictive. They abuse, and they terrorize, because it makes them feel good, and a whole other cohort of folks enables and encourages them because it makes them feel good and powerful in turn.

The usual remedy in an abusive situation is to leave. We don't have that option.

Mass Shootings In El Paso And Dayton Reignite Calls For Gun Control

Worse, the most violent lunatics have huge caches of weapons. One side has huge caches of weapons. That is a known precursor to genocide, ethnic cleansing, whatever the fuck you want to call it. Like it is a thing people know to watch out for. It won't look exactly like what it's looked like before, because it never does, but when you're talking about fucking genocide I'm not sure the details matter. We might have a few years to neutralize this threat. But we've got to do it now. We've got to stop being afraid to call it what it is just because then we'll have to admit what's happening.

Usually I kind of role my eyes at these sorts of "we must do this" comments on the internet, even when I make them, because, like, get over yourself, you know? But this time I think it matters. I think all of us calling it what it is -- incipient terrorist insurgency, a genocidal movement, all of it -- and doing this in as many places as possible is what starts to make it a reality for people.

First step to dealing with an abuser is acknowledging the abuse. In a similar situation as Ghidorah. We are planning a visit end of November and the ratfuck El Paso shooter graduated from my hometown high school. All law enforcement is ultimately whack-a-mole! The point is to make the moles get whacked often enough that they stop and other would be moles are discouraged. If you don't whack moles you get overrun by moles. You're never going to get rid of all the moles but you can make it so that the problem is better controlled and contained by changing the incentives so the costs are higher and the rewards are lower.

Nobody sees a mole in their house and just says "There's a mole.

A History of President Obama’s 8 Years in Office

Oh well. There should be a seriously high price to pay for that. The Dayton shooter was a young white man wearing a black mask and ear protection. George P. Bush denounces 'white terrorism' after El Paso shooting. David Walsh Pretty remarkable that an attempted slave uprising in so freaked out the slave power that within a year they were ready to start a civil war. Contrast that to the decades upon decades, centuries upon centuries, of white nationalist violence. This is why I am so frightened about Because already—right now!

Although isn't the implication of your first point more that the first effort to, say break people put of a camp by force will lead to a massive crackdown? You caught me. And you can see this everywhere in our political culture.