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That does a disservice to history, rendering in hagiographic terms a man whose . African American Communists in the USSR who challenged the party line .. on the Moscow-supported “liberation” movements arising in Asia and Africa. .. and offers a variety of theories to explain his emotional decline.

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True vitamin A is found only in animal foods. Most people are not efficient in converting beta-carotene into vitamin A, besides which, to consume sufficient amounts would mean eating or juicing a vegetable diet very expensive in time and money. Some of these nutrients can be synthesizer in the body, but the conversion is often not efficient.

Myth We can supplement for whatever animal food nutrients we cannot get from plants. New nutrients are still being discovered from time to time. Many vegans ruined their nervous systems and brains before B12 and DHA were discovered. Nutrition is a relatively new science.

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The first vitamin was discovered as recently as The importance of omega-3 fats was identified only in the s. The glycemic index was first formulated in Relying on pills is too simplistic.

Here’s the outline of this interview with Travis Christofferson:

Furthermore, nutrients work together synergistically. For this reason, it is always better to get them from whole foods in the proper ratios and balances that humans evolved eating.

Here’s the outline of this interview with William Chatterton and Dr. Tommy Wood:

Finally, synthetic vitamins are often not assimilated properly by the body. I was taking sublingual B12 and yet developed a B12 deficiency. Even after taking B12 injections for a year, I still had some deficiency symptoms. Myth A vegetarian or vegan diet will help you lose weight. They might actually gain weight on these diets. Their triglycerides can also become elevated. For most people, our pancreases have not evolved to tolerate diets as high in carbs as modern-day omnivorous diets, let alone vegetarian diets.

Young people appear to get away with it, but they often find themselves with a midlife spread by their 40s. Some people do lose weight on raw vegan diets. But after a while, one can even gain weight. To get enough protein, a person will eat so many nuts and seeds that he gets sleepy, because these foods are so high in fat.

Another factor is that nuts can be hard to digest, even if soaked, increasing fatigue. The extra fat calories from all the nuts and seeds add fat to your body. This is especially true for women, who put on weight more easily than men. Nutritionist Natalia Rose agrees. The raw food community comes out hailing the virtues of raw oils and coconut butter some even promote the fiction that they can eat as much of it as they want and not gain weight! I quickly realized that by and large it was the men in the movement that were praising these fatty substances.

This is because when you overeat carbs, your body secretes excess insulin. It makes a great cleanse; most people can go on it for as long as three months without problems, but I have encountered at least a dozen people who lost teeth or got several cavities from eating so much fruit.

I was not getting enough protein and essential fatty acids. When you are relying on sugar instead of fat for fuel, you crave carbs. As you eat them, your blood sugar rises, especially if the carbs are cooked, because cooked carbs are absorbed more quickly than the same carbs raw.

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On such a diet, you tend to get hungry all the time because you are burning sugar, not fat. This is why so many vegans lose muscle and get flabby. Note that this applies less to younger people, as they can switch quickly from burning sugar to burning fat on an as-needed basis. It may not apply at all if you are a carb type. This is because your body simply taps into its fat reserves and burns those for fuel.

Another factor in the lack of hunger is that your blood sugar remains stable. Many trials have been carried out in the last decade comparing the weight loss and health effects of low-fat vs. The low-carb dieters in general lost more weight and had much healthier profiles of HDL, blood pressure, and triglycerides. Their risk of heart attacks decreased. Eating fruit and cooked carbs leads to higher blood sugar levels.

The results of glycation,— the bonding of sugar to protein, show up on our skin as well, producing wrinkles. In one study, researchers compared 19 vegetarians with 19 omnivorous people and found that even though the omnivores ate more carbs, they had fewer AGEs because they ate less fruit]— Furthermore, the dipeptide carnosine is found only in meat.

Carnosine suppresses AGE formation, glycation, cross-linking, and protein oxidation. This seems very rational.

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After all, a year or two is a long time. But the body can store B12 in the liver, as well as fat-soluble vitamins, like A and D. Deficiencies of these vitamins can take years, or even a decade, to show up. Myth Vegetarians live about 7 to 9 years longer. Studies have shown that many of the health benefits attributed to vegetarians were actually because these folks are more health conscious. For example, in a study done by Dean Ornish, a group was instructed to exercise a minimum of three times a week, use stress management for an hour a day, eat a vegetarian diet, and attend group support sessions twice a week.

The control group were told nothing. A study on California Seventh-Day Adventists showed a similar result. Choices regarding diet, exercise, cigarette smoking, body weight, and hormone replacement therapy in combination appear to change life expectancy by many years. The longevity experience of Adventists probably demonstrates the beneficial effects of more optimal behaviors.

Diet is only one component of a multitude of health factors that also include a strong social support system. Another study of 34, Seventh-Day Adventists who were vegetarians found them to be healthy and have a low mortality rate. But when compared to other groups of people, such as Mormon high priests who also have healthful lifestyles but include meat in their diets, there was no benefit in being vegetarian.

The decrease in mortality rate was found to be from the healthful lifestyle. Vegetarians showed a slightly higher 4 percent rate of death from cancer, although the death rate from circulatory or ischemic heart disease was a tiny bit lower in vegetarians. There were no significant benefits to being a vegetarian as opposed to a health-conscious nonvegetarian. The study indicated that it is ample consumption of fruits and vegetables and not the exclusion of meat that makes vegetarians healthy. But other causes of death did not show significant differences.

There were no significant differences between vegetarians and nonvegetarians in mortality from cerebrovascular disease, stomach cancer, colorectal cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, or prostate cancer, or all other causes combined. Nutrient intakes in 94 Japanese centenarians investigated between and showed a higher proportion of animal protein to total proteins than in contemporary average Japanese.

High intakes of milk and fats and oils had favorable effects on year survivorship in urban residents aged The survivors revealed a longitudinal increase in intakes of no animal foods such as eggs, milk, fish, and meat over the 10 years. Intakes of carbohydrates and salt were also lower in the Okinawan. Russell Smith, a statistician, analyzed all the existing studies on vegetarianism in , including the Kahn and Snowden study.

In effect the Kahn [and Snowden] study is yet another example of negative results which are massaged and misinterpreted to support the politically correct assertions that vegetarians live longer lives. When all of the data are taken into account, the actual differences of heart disease between vegetarians and nonvegetarians in these studies were hardly a significant amount. Smith suspected that many studies were left unpublished because they showed the inferiority of a vegetarian diet, and those who ran the studies had hoped to show the opposite.

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He also found that as animal food consumption increased in several of the studies, mortality decreased! In other words, the vegetarians lived shorter lives than people who included meat in their diets. The yearly all-cause death rate of vegetarian men is slightly higher than for omnivores 0. Every year, vegetarian women die at a rate of 0. Babies have been known to love meat. In fact, Guy-Claude Burger was the modern promoter of the Instinctive Diet,— a diet in which people use their instincts to decide what to eat.

The infant chose to eat it and slept peacefully through the night.

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Its stools were normal. Eating preferences are personal and can change. For years I hated fish. Once I tried raw seviche, I became hooked. Some people love hot dogs and processed meat, but those with more refined tastes enjoy wild game infinitely better than factory-farmed meat. I know plenty of people who hate eating vegetables, while they are a favorite food for others. I know more who cannot stand durians, a smelly fruit, while others adore them.